jueves, 7 de junio de 2012

''Hi, we're back again...!''


Sorry we're late! There was a terrible storm in Havana City. But, finnally we could take off at 2.00 am. Now we are in Hong Kong, ready to interview Jackie Chan, according to the schedule, right? OK.  

These kids are reading our past reports. They asked us if we could interview them about their school newspaper. We'll go to their school to talk with their teachers tomorrow. 

We are in the classroom talking about their project. They want to communicate with kids of other countries about what they want for their future. 

Now we're ready to attend to our interview with Mr Jackie Chan. He'll receive us at the Shanghai Hotel. After the interview he'll invite us to stay for dinner. Great, isn't it? Bye!  

martes, 5 de junio de 2012

We are three now at Scoop IT team...

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The Musical Touch * http://scoop.it/t/the-musical-touch/ 

My favorite Topics * http://scoop.it/t/my-favorite-topics/ 


lunes, 4 de junio de 2012

Albert Einstein (Who said...?)

El hombre tiene perfección de medios , pero confusión de metas ” 
Albert Einstein
Scientist (Germany)