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Pics4Learning should be one of the first places you and your students look for photos and other images online. Educators and students have donated thousands of images for Pics4Learning, so anything you find is free for use in the classroom. Pics4Learning also encourages you and your class to donate digital pictures. (No photos of minors or faces of adults). The site even includes a collaborative project with a frog named Jacques who documents his visits across the world through photos. Don't miss it!
SURWEBOriginally a state-based project out of Utah, SURWEB now includes 10,000 images from around the world. Just like other sites, SURWEB provides photos free for use in educational settings. What sets this site apart is the more than 800 categories of images, allowing students to find images on extremely diverse topics. Plus, the media basket feature gives teachers and students a chance to quickly create a slide show on a topic by simply clicking "use in my show" button at the top and bottom of every image. Also, the virtual locker (available to those who sign up for the free resources) gives you a place to save any images you like -- great for the teacher just beginning to use images in the classroom.
Digital SaskatchewanDon't let the name fool you! While this project was initially designed for classrooms in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, the nearly 8,000 images are available for use by teachers and students worldwide. Like SURWEB, you can create slide shows -- called Virtual Tours. However, those Tours allow you to add both text and hyperlinks, making them easy-to-use presentations much like PowerPoints, and not simply photo slide shows. Students and teachers can create Virtual Tours, as well as Personal Photo Albums -- repositories for their favorite images. The albums are a good choice during research time, when a student might be working on computers in class, at home, and the library, so saving images to just one computer is problematic. Be sure to check out the digital postcard feature as well.
The Library of Congress's American Memory ProjectWith a goal of 5 million items -- from speeches to images to video to digitized text and more -- the American Memory project is by far the best source for digital content specific to American History. More than 100 thematic collections make it easy to find images specific to your class's needs. The Browse feature allows you to look for images based on U.S. regions, media type (photos? maps?), time period, or topic. Be sure to click the Teacher link on the home page to find excellent tips for using this Web site in your classroom. The teacher-based resources include a monthly chat, guiding questions to teach students to respond to the images they find, lesson plans, interactive games, and much more.ALSO WORTH A LOOK
Quick! Get the (Digital) Camera!
Smile! Digital Cameras Can Make Your Day!
The following are links to lists of classroom-appropriate photo sites.
Kid's Image Search Tools
Online Image Libraries
Multimedia Presentation Resources for Educators
The following links are to sites with thousands of free-to-use photos. Beware, however, that these are not education sites and they might contain images inappropriate for K-12 students. You might choose to use these as sources for your own presentations, or for use in secondary or some high school settings.
PublicDomain Photo
Learn about more great sites for students, parents, and educators by visiting Education World's Site Reviews Archives.



is a copyright-friendly image library for teachers and students. The Pics4Learning collection consists of thousands of images that have been donated by students, teachers, and amateur photographers. Unlike many Internet sites, permission has been granted for teachers and students to use all of the images donated to the Pics4Learning collection.

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Intercambio o participación

viernes 22 de mayo de 2009
Intercambio o participación

Recibi la invitación para participar en este sitio no lucrativo de noticias educativas.Estoy de acuerdo en que aparezca aquí la siguiente información de nuestra sección CULTURAL:-
Un enlace a la sección cultural de nuestro sitio de noticias.-
Un enlace con titulares de noticias culturales.-
Un enlace con resúmenes de noticias culturales.-
Un enlace con resúmenes culturales y fotos.


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Volunteer service

RVC Reporters Virtual Community

Assignements for our students around the world - To perform v. i. -

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Este sitio está dirigido hacia profesores del idioma ingés, alumnos autodidactos, y padres de familia.

Los contenidos que aparecen en este sitio didáctico son de caracter temporal. El usuario deberá abrir una cuenta de correo en GOOGLE para que vaya copiando y archivando los temas en inglés tratados aquí, así como los ejercicios sugeridos, traducciones y prácticas complementarias

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Sugerencias de uso

SUGERENCIAS DE USO - Cosas que pueden hacer los padres de familia, maestros y alumnos en esta red de tareas: Archivar una noticia inmediatamente en ''Favoritos'' - Marcarse como seguidor - Copiar una noticia - Difundirla a otros padres, maestros, alumnos - Abrir un traductor en linea y traducirla - Pegar ambos textos en Word - Imprimir y entregar a su profesor como tarea por iniciativa propia - Realizar alguna actividad complementaria que indique su profesor aunque no sea de inglés - Por cualquier duda consulte a sus padres / HOMEWORK NETWORK * Visite también estos enlaces - Bilingual-Journalist - Biografias * Monografias * Decimvs * Mon Journal Francais * Clean Web *