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Dean Kamen (Segway) * Google Headlines

10 Tips for Success for Engineering Students
U.S. News & World Report - ‎hace 21 horas‎If you love Apple products, Steve Jobs may be your idol, or perhaps you love the Segway and its creator, Dean Kamen. You can easily find out a lot of ...

COMUNICADO: Sony Europe despliega el sistema de detección de ...
Europa Press - ‎25/11/2009‎
... los dignatarios que asistirán a la Bright Green, junto al responsable general de LEGO Education, Jens Maibom, y el famoso inventor mundial Dean Kamen. ...

Wired News
Gallery: Bionic Arms Gain Power, Dexterity, Sensitivity
Wired News - ‎hace 21 horas‎
“Prosthetic legs are in the 21st century,” Dean Kamen recently told the trade publication IEEE Spectrum . “With prosthetic arms, we're in the Flintstones. ...
From Sci-Fi to Reality : Prosthetics
ValpoLife.com (blog) - ‎hace 3 horas‎
Engineer Dean Kamen and his research firm DEKA have been commissioned by the government to work on robotic prosthetic limbs for returning Veterans who have ...
Inspired by iconic inventor
San Antonio Express - ‎hace 20 horas‎
When internationally known inventor Dean Kamen accepted BioMed SA's Julio Palmaz Award in September, his inspirational message on the urgency of introducing ...
Meeting the President
Virginia Connection Newspapers - ‎hace 21 horas‎
Students also met with Dean Kamen, founder of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage of The ...

Wired (blog)
Gallery: Bionic Arms Gain Power, Dexterity, Sensitivity
Wired (blog) - ‎01/12/2009‎
By Priya Ganapati Segway creator Dean Kamen's obsession for the last few years has centered on creating a bionic arm with enough electronics to make it one ...

Obama Pushes For Improved Science and Technology Education
Popular Mechanics - ‎24/11/2009‎
and 2009 Breakthrough Award winner Dean Kamen. "The success we seek is not going to be attained by government alone," the president said, and so all of the ...

Vídeo: Obama to Honor Young Inventors at Science Fair
The Associated Press Vídeo:
Obama to Honor Young Inventors at Science Fair

The Associated Press
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Capital for Aquapreneurs
Appfrica (blog) - ‎29/11/2009‎
One exception is Dean Kamen's Slingshot, a water purification device that produces over one thousand litres a day. Kamen, the inventor of the infamous ...
Dec. 3, 2001: Segway Starts Rolling Wired News - ‎hace 17 horas‎By Dylan Tweney 2001: Inventor Dean Kamen unveils the Segway Personal Transporter, a two-wheeled, self-balancing scooter, on Good Morning America . ... The Segway is 8 years old True/Slant Tech Wrap Silicon Valley Style NBC Bay Area los 3 artículos informativos »

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