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10,000 Words Net

Monday, July 30, 2007

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is an interactive story worth? It may not be exactly 10,000 words, but interactive and multimedia components, in addition to a well-crafted narrative, betters the user's understanding of any story.
Whether it's a 30-second audio clip or an interactive database, technology is transforming the face of journalism.10,000 Words gives journalists and web aficionados practical tips on how to best incorporate multimedia into their work.
The site also culls the web for up and coming or underused technologies that enhance journalism. Stay up to date with the 10,000 Words RSS feed or subscribe to the e-mail list so you don't miss a thing.10,000 Words is written by Mark S. Luckie, a print journalist who discovered his hobby of multimedia and his love for journalism could be combined to great effect.
Mark has produced multimedia and interactive projects for Entertainment Weekly, Los Angeles Times and Contra Costa Times (Ca.). Mark is an alum of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism where he studied multimedia journalism.For more on Mark, visit or email him at

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