sábado, 19 de septiembre de 2009

Juanes / Obama says OK Havana concert

Obama welcomes controversial Havana concert
Sep-19-09 7:00pm 2009-09-19

Many people thought it was impossible, but over the weekend Juanes made his Cuban concert a reality. Check out the footage below of the Colombian rockero singing “La Camisa Negra” to one-million-plus fans in Cuba.

US President Barack Obama has welcomed plans for a massive but controversial concert in Havana on Sunday by Miami-based music star Juanes. Obama told US Spanish language network Univision that the concert, which is expected to draw around half a million Cubans, could help improve ties with Cuba. Obama's Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had met the Colombian singer before he left for Cuba, with both drawing criticism from Miami's Cuban exile community for a performance they say will... Read Full Story

Huge crowds gather in Havana for peace concert
Sep-19-09 6:00pm 2009-09-19

More than half a million Cubans gathered in Havana on Sunday for a concert featuring Miami-based singer Juanes, a gig welcomed by US President Barack Obama, but criticized by Cuban exiles.

Hundreds of thousands of parasol-waving fans braced blistering heat in the capital's storied Revolution Square, with merriment belying the political undertones that the concert has produced. Miami's Cuban exile community has criticized the performance, saying it will legitimize the island's communist... Read Full Story

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