jueves, 11 de junio de 2009

Mothers of patriot babies / RIA Novisti

Mothers of patriot babies in Russia's Volga area may win car
MOSCOW, June 11 (RIA Novosti) - Women in the Volga region of Ulyanovsk who give birth on Russia Day are rewarded with the chance to win a UAZ Patriot vehicle, campaign organizers said on Thursday.
Russia has celebrated its national holiday, Russia Day, every year on June 12 since 1994. The country adopted the Declaration of Sovereignty on June 12, 1990.
On Friday, the Ulyanovsk Region will run its fourth annual campaign to coincide with the national holiday. All mothers of children born since June 1 will receive small gifts, while one of the women who give birth on June 12 will be given a UAZ Patriot SUV.
Ulyanovsk Region Governor Sergei Morozov and the mayor of Ulyanovsk, Sergei Yermakov, will take part in the award ceremony.
The number of "patriots" born on June 12 in the region has grown every year since the campaign started. While 28 babies were born on Russia Day there three years ago, the number rose to 78 in 2007 and stood at 87 last year.
UAZ is the Russian acronym for the Ulyanovsk Automobile Factory.

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